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Eagle Scouts at Christenson Family Orthodontics

Congratulations to Emma for becoming an Eagle Scout, joining Dr. Christenson in the elite ranks of the Boy Scouts! We are so proud of her for becoming the first female in the area to achieve this honor.  The Boy Scouts of America allowed girls to join in 2017, but October 1 of this  year was the first class of Eagle Scouts to include females.  Just to prove how amazing she is, Emma has also earned the Girl Scout’s Gold Award.

Dr. Oakley is excited to have been a part of Emma’s journey as her merit badge counselor for the Dentistry Merit Badge.  After seeing Emma’s enthusiasm for dentistry, Dr. Oakley was thrilled to invite Emma to join our team.  If you’re a boy scout in the Tidewater area, Dr. Oakley would love help you earn your Dentistry Merit Badge.  Read more about Dr. Christenson and Dr. Oakley and their work with the Chesapeake community.