New Office Hours

We’re excited to start new office hours on Fridays starting in January 2020. On Fridays we will be open from 7:30 am until 2:00 pm. We know that most parents (and some kids) don’t like missing school, and many of those same kids have after-school activities. Starting in January, you will be able to come […]

Back-to-School Extravaganza

At Christenson Family Orthodontics, we held our first ever Back-to-School Extravaganza this summer to help get our patients excited about the upcoming school year. It was a full week of games, activities, and yummy snacks! Have you ever realized how amazingly talented our orthodontic assistants are? Do you have any idea how long it would […]

Check out our story!

Did you see that Christenson Family Orthodontics was recently featured in The Shopper?! If you missed the hard copy, you can still read it online: We were excited  to tell the people of Great Bridge a little about our history and the culture in our office.

Thank you Dads!

I feel so blessed to get to work with one of the most thoughtful, caring orthodontists in Chesapeake.  The fact that he is also my father is an added bonus!  I look forward to reviewing patient records and researching treatment options together in our rather small (and rarely tidy) office.  Out in the clinic , […]

Happy National Smile Day!!

Smiles are powerful!  Did you know that smiling has direct links to brain health and can actually help reduce stress?  Smiles can do so much!  A single smile can be enough to brighten someone’s day.  And smiling is well known to be infectious!  On National Smile Day we hope that you’re sharing your beautiful smile! […]

Can your teeth be straightened without braces?!

Orthodontists have been using clear aligners to straighten teeth for over 20 years!  Really, Invisalign (made by Align Technology) received FDA approval to start manufacturing clear aligners in 1998!  As the technology and materials have improved, clear aligners have become more effective and more popular.  In the past year, at least a half dozen other […]

Getting to Know Dr. C

Dr. Christenson started his orthodontic career in the United States Air Force.  He enjoyed providing orthodontic care in the military environment – transforming the lives of service men, women, and their families and having teams of dental professionals to work with to ensure that his patients received the comprehensive care they deserved. After his 22 […]