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Christenson Family Ortho – Team up 2 Clean up


This Saturday, the Christenson Family Ortho team participated in the Great American Cleanup – Hampton Roads. We volunteered to cleanup Johnstown Road and filled up 7 trash bags in a one mile stretch of the road! 

The weather was perfect for a walk through Chesapeake! Dr. C said it was a great day to be outside with friends and “get in his steps!” Dr. Oakley’s children were excited to participate as well. They get their competitive streaks from both their mom and dad, and could be seen racing each other to get to the next piece of litter. A few tears may have been shed by Bryn when her big brother beat her… but she quickly recovered when she realized there was more trash be found!

Thank you to all the team members and their family members who helped clean up Chesapeake! And a special “thank you” to Sherrie for making t-shirts for the occasion! We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful and caring team at Christenson Family Orthodontics!