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Questions and Answers for Patients During the Coronavirus Outbreak

I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy during this time. I’ve compiled a list of several common questions that we’ve heard since we had to close the office due to the Coronavirus outbreak. If you don’t see your question answered, you can either email us at, post the question to our Facebook page, or call the office during our modified hours (9 am – noon Mon-Fri).

Question and Answer:

1. Question: If I have run out of elastics, what should I do?
Answer: There is a tin full of elastics and wax outside of our front door. Please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer and take what you need. If you are able, please bleach or Clorox wipe the exterior of the bag when you get home. If you feel as though you cannot wear your elastics at this time for any reason, please take a break and we will resume when we are able.

2. Question: If I have a broken bracket, what should I do?
Answer: We cannot yet safely use the high-speed handpiece needed to remove the cement and replace your bracket and have been mandated by our governing bodies to wait on this procedure. Please save the bracket in a baggie and email me so that we can add more time to your appointment upon your return to the clinic.

3. Question: What if something is poking or hurting me?
Answer: We are able to get you comfortable. There is a tin full of elastics and wax outside of our front door.  Please understand we are only able to see severe emergencies causing pain or at risk of infection. Please call the office phone (757-482-7660) during the day from 9 am – noon to speak with a staff member. If it is outside of these hours and you are in pain, call the office and follow the prompts to have your call forwarded to either Dr. C or Dr. Oakley’s cell phone.

4. Question: What happens to my missed, future or existing appointments?
Answer: When we are able to re-open, we will be open five days per week until we are caught up. We have been and will continue to call all patients who have or will be missing their appointments to reschedule them as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that we will continue to follow government recommendations, and the actual date we reopen may be pushed out further depending on the progress of the pandemic. We will be moving appointments to try to get patients in that have gone the longest since their last appointment. We will also prioritize emergencies such as broken brackets and wires. Taylor and Sherrie are an excellent team and will do everything they can to fairly accommodate everyone to the best of their abilities. They thank you in advance for your flexibility, patience and grace!