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Can your teeth be straightened without braces?!

Orthodontists have been using clear aligners to straighten teeth for over 20 years!  Really, Invisalign (made by Align Technology) received FDA approval to start manufacturing clear aligners in 1998!  As the technology and materials have improved, clear aligners have become more effective and more popular.  In the past year, at least a half dozen other dental and orthodontic companies have started selling clear aligners  (several of Invisalign’s key patents expired in 2018).  Today, there are more options than ever to help you get that beautiful smile you deserve!

At your initial consult, make sure you ask Dr. Christenson and Dr. Oakley if clear aligners will work for you.  Just a heads up though, there are still some things that traditional braces do better than plastic.  The doctors may recommend at least some time in braces or with other appliances to get you the very best results.